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The Platform

Serving The Community

Brent has been serving all of our communities since 1988 as an Active Duty United States Air Force member. Since retiring from his 21-year active duty career, Brent has brought his "service before self" values to the local community.  A lifelong advocate for youth sports and recreation opportunities, Brent has served as a football official, youth football coach, community volunteer, and two-time elected Blue Line Club board member and officer.  Brent also founded, coached, and served as initial president of the local lacrosse association, eventually taking his love for the game to a regional level by serving a term on the Minnesota Lacrosse Board as well as providing development advice and assistance to many budding regional programs throughout Northern Minnesota and the Dakotas. 

During his years as a University of North Dakota student, he served an internship with the  East Grand Forks Parks and Recreation Office. After completion of his degree in Recreation and Tourism, he worked for Special Olympics North Dakota. Brent now continues his volunteer efforts with regional sports, while working full-time as an assembler at New Flyer Industries in Crookston, MN, where he is a member of the Communication Workers of America, Local 7304. Brent is ready to serve as your representative in St. Paul to advocate for the policies that will keep our rural communities thriving today while preserving them for future generations to enjoy.

United By A Common Goal

Brent knows the value of being connected. He wants to hear from you. What do you feel is right? What do we need to make better or outright change?  We have enough people who know how to talk; we need people who can also listen. That's why Brent is running for this position. Help him help you...get in touch!

Get Involved

Brent's career has taught him leadership, but it has also taught him the value of teamwork. He cannot win this race without your help.  Hanging flyers, door knocking, manning a booth, word-of-mouth, posting a sign in your yard and donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together.


Your donation is an opportunity to be part of something bigger. You can help provide the resources necessary to get Brent's message out across District 1B. Show Brent that you have his back and are in this campaign with him. Give today!

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